Dr. Elizabeth A. Johnson, D.C.


Where it all began…

During my time at the University of Georgia, I developed some serious chronic health problems and started having severe headaches.  After years of conventional medicine, my mother suggested I see a chiropractor.  Within a few visits and some at home exercise, my headaches got tremendously better.  My chiropractor suggested I make some lifestyle and diet modifications that drastically improved my other ailments.  I was applying to medical schools but after such dramatic improvement not only in my headaches but in my overall health, I wanted to help people in the same way with chronic issues and provide natural alternatives to their health and musculoskeletal issues.


I love interacting with patients and really finding the long-term solutions to their problems, not just patchwork.  Getting patients past the acute phase of care, finding solutions they can utilize even when they are done with their in-office care, and getting them back to what they love is the best feeling!


Areas of focus…

I specialize in Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) which focuses on the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, and tendons).  I think of the body as a moving machine with the bones as the scaffolding and the soft tissues as the pulley system; if the pulley system is kinked or frayed, the scaffolding will not hold or move properly.  To really get full function and pain-free movement back, you need to address both the soft tissue and skeletal problems simultaneously.  A.R.T does this and has great results!

How do you preserve your health and well-being?

As a typical type A person, I practice yoga for the mental as much as the physical.  I also enjoy running trails to get my cardio in. I love playing soccer with my kids and pretty much anything outdoors.  Camping is one of my favorite past-times and North Georgia is full of great places.  My biggest passion in life is traveling which has taken me far and wide and into diverse cultures. And, I maintain my health by eating an anti-inflammatory diet as much as possible and using natural supplements specific to my needs.


University of Georgia- BA in International Relations- 2004-2008

Southern California University of Health Sciences – Doctor of Chiropractic – 2010 -2014